The International Association for Women in Radio and Television is pleased to announce the long documentary Executive Director and producers for 2014. We received many proposals from our members, following the success of last year’s theme on Climate Change; and we look forward to seeing the latest productions on Women and Reproductive Health.

Bina Paul will be the Executive Producer and lead a team of four directors from Poland, India, South Africa and Kenya.  Paul is an award-winning filmmaker and director from India and hasedited over 50 features and documentarieswith top directors in India. She has won national and state awards for Best Editor, including a Film Critics Award in 1998 & 2002. She has also sat as a juror at various national and international film festivals in India. Paul is currently Deputy Director and Artistic Director at Kerala State Chalchitra Academy and is involved in design, evaluation and organization of various film based activities such as film appreciation camps, fellowship programmes and regional film festivals.

Anna Pawlowska is an author, radio and television director with over 25 years of experience in film production. The Polish journalist will tell a story of a mother of three who sued the state after she was denied an abortion that could have saved her eyesight. She won the case. Pawlowska hosted Poland’s first television breakfast show “Coffee or Tea”, which was televised for 21 years. She holds a master degree in Psychology and is currently a teacher at the Department of Journalism, University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. Her previous work includes hosting psychological programs and script writing.

Priya Goswami is an internationally acclaimed documentary director from India whose work has been screened in several countries. Priya’s documentary will focus on a journalist from Dawoodi Bohra ethnic group who speaks out against the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and an orgasm for a genitally mutilated woman. Her documentary, ʻA Pinch of Skinʼ, is the recipient of the prestigious 60th National Film Award of India; and has been screened at international festivals. She has worked with organisations like the National Institute of Design (NID), United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (UN-FAO) in Cambodia and Zee Network (Television News Network). She is currently pursuing independent projects on fiction and non-fiction work.

Sarah Chitambo is a writer and a filmmaker from South Africa. She will direct a documentary of a young woman who is determined to give youngsters access to knowledge about contraceptives.Her first short documentary film, ’Bailing out the Ballot’, was released in 2009 and was screened to audiences in Cape Town and Brighton. She has worked as a reporter and a director for e-TV for three years and for several years as a Communications Coordinator for Social Development at Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa and Namibia. Currently, she is working on a film about the influences, demise and resurgence of hip-hop culture in Pretoria. Sara holds a Masters degree in Digital Documentary Film and a bachelor’s degree in Media and Performing Arts from Sussex University.

Otieno Careen Atieno is an award winning multi-media producer and correspondent for local and international media. She will direct a documentary on traditional birth attendants’ verses the government´s directive to phase them out; and the risks involved when births are complicated in Kenya. Atieno completed a Masters Degree in International journalism at Cardiff University, UK last year and has a Diploma in Mass Communication with a major in Television and Radio production.