IAWRT Award of Excellence

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Chapter, IAWRT India has decided to institute an award at the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala.

The award shall be called the IAWRT India Award of Excellence and will be given to the most gender sensitive film (either short fiction or documentary) that fulfills the following criteria:

1. A strong statement of gender sensitivity

It should be a film that goes beyond just being about women or a ‘women’s’ issue, but addresses the very heart of ideas around gender to provide a fresh, sensitive and feminist understanding of gender, politics, sexuality, society, culture, history, relationships and emotions.

2. A strong creative voice

The form of the film should in itself assert an artistic character, show creative experimentation, openness, zest and energy, a personal style or idiomatic innovations. It should preferably avoid predictable use of character-driven formats currently favoured or clichéd narratives of victims and heroes and polarities which don’t allow for complexity.

The award comprises a cash prize and certificate and could go to a person of any gender.