Global Forum on Media and Gender

The First Global Forum on Media and Gender is an important follow -up to one of the critical areas of concern of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, “Women and the Media Diagnosis”, and its strategic objectives The purpose of this first global event on gender and media is to initiate processes that will link up ongoing actions and add momentum to gender equality and women’s empowerment (GEwe) in and through media.This topic will take marked prominence in the Post 2015 MDGs formulation.

GEwe is a bout equality between women and men; equality between boys and girls. Implicit here is that GE permeates all present development priorities and those to come. According to the report of the thematic consultation, Addressing Inequalities - Post 2015 Development Agenda, “Gender -based discrimination and the denial of the rights of women and girls, remains the single most widespread driver of inequalities in today’s world.” While there is much more to be done, there is nascent but noticeable progress toward gender -sensitivity in media since the Beijing Declaration. However much of the work is insulated at the national and, in a few cases, regional levels with the absence of global cooperation. Many of these initiatives have had limited impact.

Gender- based stereotypes continue in media in many parts of the world. As we are living in a global world, missing are universal actions and norms that can give impetus tointerventions at the national and regional levels, particularly in countries where inequalities are the norm. Addressing these challenges through global cooperation can lead to agreement on common values and standards

IAWRT will join the first global forum on Media and Gender in Bangkok from 2nd to 4th December to share and explore avenues of global  intervention to ensure gender equality and women empowerment. 


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