Countering Cyber Violence

Event date: 
16 March, 2018 - 08:00

#MetooOnline - Workshopping solutions to counter cyber violence against women IAWRT's main event organised with Gender Links. A parallel event to the Commission on the Status of Women 2018, New York, USA. 
March 16, 2018, 10:30 am, 10th Floor, Church Centre- 777, UN Plaza, NYC

Despite growing evidence and acknowledgment of the threats sexualized and/or gendered cyber violence poses for media pluralism, and despite the fact that working online is a vital part of every journalist’s life in the contemporary media landscape, most media organizations do not have formal policies on protecting their female employees against cyber violence. The objective of the event is to workshop examples of best practices from news industry professionals, digital developers, academics, NGOs and other specialists & to kick-start the development of robust industry-wide guidelines on protecting women working in the media against sexualized violence. The International Association of Women in Radio and Television calls for women working in the media to unite against online harassment, as cyber-violence against women working in the media becomes a particular area of concern for the realization of the Beijing Platform for Action. Building on the success of the #Metoo campaign we invite all interested parties to join efforts to develop industry-wide guidelines on protecting women working in the media against sexualized violence and harassment online.


  • Dr. Michelle Farrier of University of Ohio
  • Dr Dubravka  Simonovic, Former Chair, CSW
  • Ms Colleen Lowe Morna, CEO, Gender Links of South Africa
  • Jennifer Adams Project Officer for Safety of Female Journalists Online from OSCE 

Moderator: Sheila Katzman IAWRT main representative for the UN