The IAWRT Newsletter was the main communication organ for IAWRT for many decades. It shared information about conferences and various projects, along with news focusing on women and gender issues of importance to females in media around the world. Editions going back to 2010 may be found here.

The IAWRT website continues this role. We still seek your submissions to assist us to inform our membership about the activities of chapters and individual members around the world. Please submit your stories or ideas; reports on training or festivals, landmark media cases, or information on challenges or positive changes for female media workers, to the editor, You may also contact or any board member. We also encourage members to communicate through our members Facebook account and other social media.

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IAWRT statutes. 

SCREENING SCHEDULE for Festival: India International Centre, New Delhi 2nd - 4th March, 2017

Report of the Regional conference African Women and the Media: Escaping the Prison of Portrayal held in Johannesburg South Africa 26-28 October 2016

Race, Gender, Class, Sexuality Resilience & Reinterpretation - Changing the Symbolic Order of ViolenceMaterial accompanying Prof. Dr. Antje Schuhmann Political Studies, Wits University in the session Breakthrough or Backlash: Women, Media, and Politics. at the IAWRT regional confernce Johannesburg, 2016.